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A Nice Two Bedroom Apartment

My parents were not able to understand why I wanted to work. They come from a lot of money and have led pretty luxurious lives, but I wanted something more for me. Though I have an impressive bank account, I still have the need to do something that I feel is important. I went to college and got a degree in business administration, and I knew that I wanted to work in the nation’s capital. After graduation, I looked at apartments for rent in Washington DC, and I was very thankful that I did not have to be selective because of finances.

I did not want to have to live on the outskirts of DC like so many others have to, and I fully appreciated why I was able to do that. That is why I don’t judge my parents at all, because money does make life a lot easier. I definitely needed a two bedroom apartment because I knew that my parents would come to town often, especially once my mother saw all the unique shops in town. Continue reading

A Nice and Luxurious Apartment for Myself

Starting over in life when you are in your early 40s is not a fun thing to do. The only advantage to it over doing this when you are in your 20s is that a person typically has more money and better sense when it comes to life in general. The first thing, the money, is the reason why I was able to look at luxury apartments for Mission Viejo rather than a bare bones apartment like what I had when I first graduated college two decades ago. The second, the common sense about life, is what allowed me to spoil myself when looking for that apartment.

I was not sure what I was looking for exactly, but I knew that I would recognize it when I found it. I wanted something that is nice, something that would allow me to relax as I started this new phase of my life. Continue reading

Being Patient Has Helped Me to Get to Where I Am Now

My desk was right next to my boss’s office. So, I often heard different conversations that he had with other Executives at our company very easily. When I overheard him say that they were going to be looking for some new managers for the branch offices in a nearby city, I knew that was my chance to try to move up in the company. Just months later, I had to look for an apartment for rent in Oceanside CA and I could not be happier now about it all. I would say that my life was not all that great over the past ten years, but now things are looking up for me and changing for the better.

Working as the assistant to the CEO of the company for the past 15 years has been really nice. Continue reading

Moving out on My Own

When my mom and dad decided to retire, they had a lot of decisions to make. One was what to do with the house we lived in, because they wanted to move further south. They told me that I could stay there, but that it would require maintenance plus the utility bills could get quite high because of how big the house was. I had no real ties to the area, and I certainly did not need a huge four bedroom house just for myself. I decided to look at apartments for rent in Colton California because while I needed to stay in the area because of my job, I didn’t need to stay in the house I was raised in.

The commute time to get to work was nearly 45 minutes just one way, so I definitely wanted to look for something that was a lot closer. Continue reading