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This is the Best Apartment Ever for Me

It did not take me long to find a place to live once I knew the general area of where I wanted to go. I simply did a search for quality south west Las Vegas apartments, and then I narrowed down my list by only looking at the ones within five miles of where I work. There are several in the area, so I knew that I would be able to find something decent at one of them. As soon as I started looking at the Spectrum Apartments, I knew that I was going to live there.

It was hard to not like everything they offer. I didn’t need anything big because it is just me. Sometimes my niece will stay over with me, but I was not going to get a two bedroom apartment just for that since it is maybe only six times a year. I would rather save the money on the difference in rent between a one and two bedroom unit and spend it on fun activities for the two of us. Continue reading

Finding a Place Outside Baltimore

Finding Towson MD apartments for rent was a big part of our focus last year after we had a child and decided we couldn’t live in Baltimore anymore. Baltimore, no matter where you live, is not a safe city. It actually hasn’t been safe for a long time now, and it’s become worse due to the riots over the police. We just don’t feel safe living here anymore, and neither of us could see exposing our young child to the various ills plaguing this city. We needed a place just far enough way to escape the horrors, but still within commuting distance.

We looked at various places within the county and settled on Towson. Continue reading

My Job and Family Are Both Very Important to Me

It is nice to no longer need to try to juggle all of my monthly bills or fall behind in paying them. That went on for too many more years than I would like to admit. So, switching gears to start doing property management full time stopped my continuous financial struggles. I do what every personal in this job career should do with keeping up with things in the industry such as reading a property management journal site often. I know people who don’t do the same, and they just do not do as well as I do. I get the upper hand by taking my job seriously. I want to continue to flourish.

My previous job decisions came about because I was married and had children with my husband. I did not work for many years because I wanted to stay home with our kids. That was really nice to do for our children’s sake, but it also put me behind many years with work and experience. Continue reading

I Had No Idea That I Would Be in the Growing Business One Day

I grew up when marijuana was not something that could be sold legally, but that has all changed in recent years. I always believed that it should be legalized because of the help that it gave my mom when she was really ill, but I never thought it would actually happen in my lifetime. Now that it has, I’m jumping in on growing and selling it. I met with an agent who sells marijuana real estate in California about six months ago, and things are going really well in my new business path. Who knew?

Mom was always such a healthy and happy woman. She has been my inspiration for all of my life. Many people look to celebrities simply because of the characters they play in TV shows and movies as people to be inspired by. Continue reading

Our New Life in Nashville

I was so excited about moving to Nashville. I am a huge country music fan, and I was excited about going to the same places where a lot of them first started out. Thankfully, my husband makes a nice living with his job, so he doesn’t mind that I am a struggling songwriter. He encourages me to chase my dreams, which is exactly what I planned on doing now that we were heading to Nashville. The first thing I had to do though was look at apartments for rent in Nashville TN so we would have someplace to live when we got there. Continue reading

A One Bedroom Apartment That is Spacious

I looked at one bedroom apartments for rent in Henderson NV, knowing that I had to find something fast. I had to move there within just a couple of weeks, even if it meant staying in a hotel until I could find a place to live. I am not married nor do I have children, so that made it a lot easier. I preferred having a two bedroom apartment, but I knew that I could settle with a one bedroom if necessary. As it turns out, I did get a one bedroom apartment, but it was not because I had to settle for it.

I looked at apartments at one complex, and I was really impressed with their one bedroom units. They have three different layouts, and the bigger ones obviously go for more money per month. Continue reading

My Best Friend and I Are Now Roommates

I went to visit my friend not long ago in Silver Springs. I stayed for a few days because I had just lost my job, and I was hoping to find some opportunities there. I was really surprised when one did come open for me on my second day there. It did mean that I would need to start immediately though. My friend told me to stay with her, and she even suggested that we look at Silver Springs MD apartments and maybe get a bigger one for the two of us.

I thought that was a great idea because we were always super close. When she moved 300 miles away to Maryland, it was really hard on us both. Knowing that we could actually be roommates made everything so much better. Continue reading

We Had Enough and Took the Leap to Move to Tampa, Florida

Last winter was brutal. It was warm up until late December, then it got cold and stayed cold. We could not even plant gardens until late May the next year! We had had enough. We spent the summer planning on finding luxury apartments for Tampa FL to choose from. We wanted close to the water, but we wanted to be close to a protected bay instead of the open Gulf. Old Tampa Bay was just a few minutes away from the place we leased. We planned on having a boat in one of the marinas there. The first step was selling and moving to Florida.

We did things a little different. People move and take every little thing with them. In essence, you are spending thousands of dollars to move a lot of things you probably should replace or even get rid of. Continue reading

Beautiful Apartments for Murfreesboro, TN

My wife and I are going to be moving to Murfreesboro, which is located in Tennessee. Right now we live close to two hours away from the city, but it seems like a really nice area, and what’s more is that I just got a job there. We had already been considering moving to the city before I managed to get a great job there. So right now I am checking into some online info regarding new apartments in Murfreesboro TN.

I am checking out this one apartment complex that really looks promising. Continue reading

A Nice Studio Apartment in Atlanta

I was really happy to get a different job in Atlanta, but it did mean that I wanted to find a new place to live as well. Not only would I make more money at this new job, but I would also be about 40 minutes further away than where I was living. I was not willing to spend up to two hours a day in transit, which is why I went online and started looking at different places to live. When I saw the apartments available at Westside Provision District, I knew that I had found where I wanted to be.

I looked at the different floor plans, and I was really happy with what I saw with the one bathroom studio apartments. Continue reading