Sternsteiger Stahlwaren Offers Wonderful Knives in a Blend of Stainless Steel and Titanium

Sternsteiger Stahlwaren is a knife manufacturer based in Germany that comes out with wonderful knives in a combination of titanium and stainless steel.

Solingen, Germany (March 15, 2017) -Knife maker Sternsteiger Stahlwaren has come with new knives that come in a combination of stainless steel and titanium. The knives have mirror-polished blade, which helps them to come with a unique appearance, thus improving their slicing ability and cutting ability and reducing friction by a great measure.

The stainless steel knives come with a steel core and thin layer of titanium bonds, which makes the blades super strong. The blades have 58 Rockwell hardness without the coating of titanium, and there is 61Rockwell hardness with the added titanium layer. Sternsteiger Stahlwaren offers a full series of knives that comes in a blend of stainless steel and titanium.

It comes in chef’s knife grade, and has hollow edge. Titanium has various powerful features, such as strength, resistance, flexibility and lightness. Due to these features, the material is indispensable in the aerospace industry. Every Titanium knife boasts of a full tang design. The steel core extends to the butt from the point, and it is constructed of a resistant, high wear Carbon Stainless Steel. A 0.1 micro m titanium layer coats the blade.

The Santoku blade has unique geometry and boasts of a cutting edge that is linear. The knife usually slices downwards and can rock the tip forward in order to make a cut. It can offer the best experience to customers, irrespective of the purpose it is being used for.

About Sternsteiger Stahlwaren
Sternsteiger Stahlwaren is a knife manufacturer that brings out first-class products coming with superior quality. The knives are a product of advanced research and can offer the best customer experience.

For further information and enquiries, visithttps://www.kickstarter.com/projects/627780286/1649010971?token=1a5f060d

Sternsteiger Stahlwaren GmbH
Höhscheider Str. 7-21
42699 Solingen, Germany

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Getting the Word Out About Your Business

When you live and work in a small county like Haralson County, GA, it can feel tough to start a small business. The climate is tough for a number of reasons: small market size, depressed economy, lack of diversity among consumers, low level of education among potential employee pool, and so much more. But that should not stop you from achieving your dream of becoming a small business owner. Anything is possible- especially when you have the right tools at your disposal.


If you want to start a small business, first you’ll need to line up everything. If you need a brick and mortar store front, make sure to find a place you can lease or buy that is within your budget- and be sure to check in with local authorities to ensure you can acquire all of the necessary permits and permissions.


Once you have ensured you have the ability to operate in your chosen location, it is time to start getting the word out. Don’t worry that you are not ready yet to open up. An effective marketing campaign will start pre-launch for any product or service. The first few years of any small business are usually in the red- why protract that period by only beginning to acquire clients once you open your doors. You don’t need to wait until every last doorknob is polished and every picture hung up on the wall before you cut a red ribbon. Let the community, both local and extended, know about your business’ impending opening day long before it comes time to launch.


Make the best use of services like Deluxe to broadcast your business across multiple media platforms. Deluxe offers business cards, websites with SEO optimization, e-mail blasts, and much more. You need to be persistent about capturing as big an audience as possible, and you do that by casting a net as far and wide as possible.


Once you have let people know about your business, your next concern is following through on your promises. Start getting ready for the crowds that are going to come flocking to the next hot thing to hit Haralson County (or wherever it is you are reading from).

How to Install a Bathroom Sink


Bathroom sink installation can be trouble-free if you keep some factors in mind. Measuring the area where you want the sink to go is the main factor to consider before deciding what type of sink to install. Should you replace just the sink or include the vanity?

New or Replacement?


If you want to replace only the sink, then take careful measurements and find a sink that will match the opening in the vanity, thereby avoiding having to cut the opening. New sinks come with a template and instructions about creating the opening in the vanity. Also, look at the supply lines and make sure the connections to the faucet and the connections to the supply line are compatible. Look carefully at the drain pipe. Will you need an extension or will the tailpiece be long enough to fit in the p-trap? Think about what tools you might need. It is better to have a tool handy and not need it, than to have to take time away from the project to find it. Careful planning can make any project relatively easy and avoids many major problems.




Tools to have on hand would include: a caulk gun, split joint pliers, plumber’s sockets, plumber’s tape, and putty.




Before you begin your plumbing project, make sure the hot and cold supply lines are turned off. Make sure you have a towel or two around for drips leftover in the lines when you need to open them up. Disconnect each of the water lines, unscrewing the clamp clips. Remove the tail piece from the end of the drain pipe, and putty knives come in handy to break the caulk seal between the counter and the sink. Pry off the sink, and you are good to go.


It is often simpler to connect the drop pipe, drain and faucet together prior to putting in the sink. If you are without a rubber gasket from the sink’s assembly, make sure to use plumber’s putty, ensuring a seal that won’t leak. Put caulk beneath the sink, and place the sink into the vanity’s opening. Put your clamp clips on, and tighten the screws just until they are taut. Caulk around your new sink, wiping off the excess, and reconnect your supply lines.


From there you should turn the water back on, and fill the sink, checking the assembly for leaks. You should check the sink, seals, drain, and supply lines. If you notice a leak, now is the time to be able to take care of it.

Remember, planning and measuring can be effective tools for saving time and money. Shop at PlumbTile.com to find the sink and faucet to fit your style.

Protecting Every Part of Your Gun With Coatings

When it comes to the difficult task of cleaning and protecting your gun, using these kinds of protective materials will make it much easier to retain your investment and keep your gun in working order. The main properties that make industrial coatings so effective are that they dry as a flexible protective coating that can move and expand with the materials on your gun, and they are extremely durable.

We will start by describing the low cost coating guns. We will begin by reviewing our first option, the powder coating system. This powder coating system uses a high mount system and a low pressure range. It represents a very enjoyable system that makes color changes very easy and fast. When going to buy the proper coating gun it is important to understand that you will need to take into consideration a number of factors and necessities.

Sputter coating is the process of covering an item with a layer of film, so that it is completely enveloped. Cutlery, for example, undergoes sputter coating to get a shiny and neat finish. However, there are several uses of sputter coating apart from protecting cutlery. For one, sputter deposition can be used to protect firearms. This process can keep them in the same shape for a very long time. Another use of sputter coating is that in protecting heavy machinery.

With the increase in the possession of arms by customers and not just law enforcement personnel, there is a whole new demand for firearm-related services which has led to the emergence of companies specializing in firearm coating. PVD layer offers various other advantages. PVD layer ranges in thickness from 2 to 4 microns, which when compared to traditional layering, is substantially low. Another advantage is that, since PVD layer is super thin and also super strong, even exact machined firearms will fit back together perfectly with no distortion at all.


3 Factors To Consider When Buying Land


Land is very important in real estate. When buying land to construct a house you need to consider a number of factors. Some of these factors include:

Zoning Requirements

Here you need to check with the local authorities and determine the zoning ordinances. You should also find out if you are allowed to construct the type of house that you have in mind. The future is very important; therefore, you should ask whether there are plans to improve the infrastructure in the area. For example, you should enquire whether there are plans of constructing airports and shopping centers.

Natural Hazards

You should contact the authority in the area and obtain a natural hazard disclosure. The disclosure will tell if the land is ideal for building. As rule of thumb you should stay away from a land that is prone to natural hazards.

When determining the natural hazards in the area you should also find the elevation of the land. If the land is located near a hill you should determine the chances of the land moving. Remember that the slab of your house can easily crack if the land is unstable.

If the land is good, but near water bodies you should consider constructing your building using a raised foundation. You should also ensure that you get flood insurance.


For you to live a comfortable life you need to have utilities in your home. One of the most important utilities you should have is water. Remember that you can’t dig wells in some areas. To be on the safe side you should determine the depth of your water table and find out how difficult it is to dig a well.

Electricity is also very important. If the area doesn’t have power you should determine how expensive it will be to bring it to your home.

You should also consider the sanitation in the area. If you can’t hook up to a sewer you should do your calculations and find out how costly it will be to install a septic system.