My Best Friend and I Are Now Roommates

I went to visit my friend not long ago in Silver Springs. I stayed for a few days because I had just lost my job, and I was hoping to find some opportunities there. I was really surprised when one did come open for me on my second day there. It did mean that I would need to start immediately though. My friend told me to stay with her, and she even suggested that we look at Silver Springs MD apartments and maybe get a bigger one for the two of us.

I thought that was a great idea because we were always super close. When she moved 300 miles away to Maryland, it was really hard on us both. Knowing that we could actually be roommates made everything so much better. Her apartment was just too small for more than a few days visit, and the complex did not have any two bedroom units available. She did not mind moving to a new apartment complex altogether because she was just as excited as me about the idea of the two of us sharing an apartment for more than just a few days.

I was able to find us a two bedroom unit at a complex that is only about ten minutes from where she was working and about 15 minutes from where I would be working. We had a choice between a two bedroom unit with 1.5 baths or a two bedroom apartment with two full baths as well as a den too. Even though we had no idea what we would do with the den, we both liked the idea of each of us having a full bathroom. After some careful thought, we ended up making the den into a library since we both love to read. It did not take us long to move in there, even with me having to move my stuff almost 300 miles. Losing my job definitely turned into a blessing for me!

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