We Had Enough and Took the Leap to Move to Tampa, Florida

Last winter was brutal. It was warm up until late December, then it got cold and stayed cold. We could not even plant gardens until late May the next year! We had had enough. We spent the summer planning on finding luxury apartments for Tampa FL to choose from. We wanted close to the water, but we wanted to be close to a protected bay instead of the open Gulf. Old Tampa Bay was just a few minutes away from the place we leased. We planned on having a boat in one of the marinas there. The first step was selling and moving to Florida.

We did things a little different. People move and take every little thing with them. In essence, you are spending thousands of dollars to move a lot of things you probably should replace or even get rid of. What we did was to keep the irreplaceable things, such as photographs and sentimental objects, and we got rid of everything else. We sold the TV’s, furniture and even a lot of our clothes. No need for thermal underwear and parkas in Tampa, Florida. I got rid of all my winter boots and gloves, snow shovels and stuff like that. We would take the money and buy new stuff for Florida living such as flip-flops and a beach umbrella.

We did not have that much left over to move with us to our luxury apartment in Tampa. We had searched online for some time to find luxury apartments for Tampa FL when we discovered the place we leased. The Westshore area is really nice, and we are really enjoying our new apartment. We have been keeping in touch with friends back home. I was video chatting with a friend up north who was wearing a winter coat and showing me the outside with no leaves on the trees. Down here I am toasty warm in a tee shirt hanging out in the courtyard of our apartment complex. I am so glad we made the move to Florida.

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